Solutions to end child marriage

She also said that poverty plays a huge role in the choices girls and they families make regarding their lives. Members of the audience were encouraged to ask questions and included at least one woman from Afghanistan, who escaped child marriage despite being engaged at the age of 6, and another woman of Bangladeshi descent whose mother was a child bride.

This may be related to the increasing economic pressure many families feel to marry girls as they get older, she added. Getting married is a lot better and prettier because you get to wear a big white dress. In 51 countries, at least one in four girls is married before age By doing so, we can change the world for the better for millions of girls, their families and their communities.

Gilmore pointed her out, and the staff explained her back story. She shared the dais with a number of advocates who explained the importance of ending child marriage, described some of the challenges they face and offered concrete examples of programs that are working.

Featured Stories. In Georgia, 14 percent of women marry before the age of 18 — one of the highest rates of any… continue reading. Economic incentives were particularly effective with older adolescents ages in the study, as opposed to school-based incentives, which were more effective with younger girls, said Dr.

How to end child marriage: Action strategies for prevention and protection

The costs of child marriage are big, but the economic benefits of ending it are even bigger. Until now, Petroni says, research on child marriage has mainly focused on determining its prevalence, causes and costs to women at the individual or family level.

The programs also help to change the perceptions of others in their communities about the benefits of letting girls grow up and make their own choices about learning and contributing to the community. Show governments just how much the practice is hurting their own bottom line. Don't Tell Me! But Petroni says that only works if the country provides its children with enough education to grow into economically productive adults.

Our analysis uncovered three key pathways that are set in motion by girl-focused programs. Etinosa Yvonne, Pixabay, Nigeria, We know that ending child marriage is a human rights imperative. The study finds one of the biggest bites to a country's budget results from the link between child marriage and population growth. Latest show. A program that provided child brides in Ethiopia with unprecedented opportunities to learn about sexual and reproductive health as well as how to earn an income and save money proved to significantly enhance many aspects of the girls lives, according to new findings by the International Center for Research on Women ICRW.

The programs work with girls in group settings, providing them with a variety of information. Newsletter Signup. VOA Newscasts.

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Back to top. The discussion references a short documentary on child brides in Malawi—filmed by Camfed , an organization that promotes education for girls—which can be seen here:.

Enhancing safety in public areas, around schools and otherwise, can be important for prevention. To view the full report click here , or downlaod the pdf.

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Child marriage is a harmful traditional practice that perpetuates an unrelenting cycle of gender inequality, sickness and poverty. Get more girls into high school. What is new, however, is that the research projects the economic costs of this increased population growth. Empowering girls: