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The group formation of Lieutenant Colonel "Radoslaw" took its position near the Krasinski Square, gradually leaving Franciszkanska Street and the east part of Dluga Street.

It had been planned to destroy a German outpost that was located there and a "secretive" UPA group that was on friendly terms with them. Lieutenant "Motyl" quartered his company there.


You may not have a meticulously organized junk drawer or a closet full of clothes organized by color or sleeve length, but perfectionist traits.. In the spring of the organization numbered eighty-one thousand soldiers; after the outbreak of German-Soviet war, ZWZ was regarded as a constitutive part of Polish Armed Forces in the West; On February 14, , it was transformed into the Home Army pl. The first one who reached the Polish positions was Colonel Romanienko.

At the dawn of April 2, in the direction of Lubomel a heavy shooting and the explosions of artillery projectiles could be heard. Zolocinski , Lieutenant "Czarny" M. They were working in a brickyard.

The first communication posts, also known as communication bases, were created shortly after. The Germans captured the cemeteries. I know it is just a tiny gap and maybe tomorrow. Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze, eng. There remained some rusty ammo from in Panska Street. And regardless of whether they liked it or not, no one can persuade those people that they were simply taken in, there will be no opportunity or possibility to do so.

Admittedly, though, songs and jokes playing on base emotions and cheap humour were the most enthusiastically received. Kurzyn , a sub-unit of Captain cc "Zgoda" T.

Staging Cliches and Settling Scores Sztarbowski Polish Theatre Journal

It defined the service purpose: Poems used in the script mocked newspeak and the language of propaganda speeches, articles and news, but also the language of literature that, rather than describe the world in a straightforward manner, resorted to multilayered metaphors and bizarre turns of phrase.

Lieutenant "Motyl" platoon commander and his men were sent to "Radoslaw" to Okopowa Street, where the command of the group formation was situated. The pieces of exploded rockets were collected, and one of them was even found in whole. Almost all units arrived successfully. It was decided that there would be an AK officer of officer cadet by the side of every commander from the other side of the Vistula River.

The Warsaw Uprisig Remembrance Association

The strength of "Radoslaw" group formation on August 1 amounted to men, however only soldiers came to the assembly due to the late notification and the fact that groups were scattered all around the city, what made it difficult for messengers to pass the order. Colonel K. They gathered the survivors and were digging up the victims from under the ruins.

The following events occurred in June The first page of the edition of the Domenica del.

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Many of the insurgents died, including officer cadet Staszek Potworowski "Potwor", a companion of Lieutenant Scibor- Rylski from the school in Rydzyn. The partisans started running out in a hurry, mixing among the string of carts with the Germans, confused in the present situation just like them. They delivered a letter from Major "Kowal", they were fed, and after getting some rest they returned with reports to the command, bringing a group of soldiers dispersed after the battles.

Maria had to handle with the upbringing of year-old Danuta and year-old Zbigniew by herself.