Detest your melasma? You’ll love these 7 new pigmentation insights

Some of it usually disappears after a while, so do not worry.

No more melasma!!!: War against melasma!!!

Order by newest oldest recommendations. I tried to love this product but ultimately it hasn't been a hero for me. I have been going through fraxel laser to treat my deep acne scars.

I apply Vitamin C with my hands. Melasma is often triggered by an abundance of oestrogen. Want to try this routine? The results have been extraordinary. Avoiding the sun and using sunscreens is the key to prevent melasma. I too suffer from melasma and avoid the sun as much as possible, but recently have been researching the hormonal side of melasma. Melasma is a brownish discoloration of the skin that appears primarily on areas that receive heavy sun exposure.

I ended up throwing it away and quickly switched back to Klairs. Best Tanning Goggles. I hope this helps!

Top 5 Diet Tricks to Reverse Melasma

There is no information on why it happens to some women and not to others, although there is a higher prevalence of it in women with darker skin.

Take care. I heard Thinkbaby is a good one but ask a physician just in case. Karley A Short Engagement September 20, Unlike sugar, which our bodies have a hard time digesting, your body actually craves the nutrients. Sign up here. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

I just wanted to let you know that I also have melasma and that I have also tried the cosmelan. Gluten is known to cause an inflammation within the small intestines, resulting in the body producing Candida, a type of fungus which can trigger melasma.

Vitamin A derivatives are important components of many prescription medications used to treat melasma. You can also purchase Klairs products via Soko Glam.

Melasma Treatment: All About Melasma, How To Prevent It, How To Treat It - Sunsafe Rx

Yes Jenny and it seems to help quite a lot. Along these same lines, if you believe that Candida could be to blame for your melasma, it would also be a good idea to eliminate sugar out of your diet as candida feeds off sugar.

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Thus, many melasma treatments include a zinc supplement — even topical — to break the cycle. MedWire News: This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support.