How to Clean DVDs

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Related wikiHows. The detergent adds just enough emulsion to help lift and slough the dirt away. To clean a DVD without buying anything, follow these steps:. How do I get the shine back on the DVD? The data is embedded between the two plastic sides so can put up with some abuse without being unreadable. You could try on an unimportant disc as well.

Of course you only clean the shiny side with no writing.

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Where in the heck does one find denatured alcohol? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Toggle navigation. This is a sponge impregnated with a micro abrasive.

Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? What is the next thing? Cleaning DVDs is something that does not need to be done routinely or put on a schedule for cleaning house. Apply the Toothpaste or the product you are using to a soft lint-free cloth and start rubbing the disc from center to outward. Comes in a 2 oz. Learning about polishing and that DVDs can be resurfaced is priceless information. Add isopropyl alcohol to the DVD's surface.

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Blu-ray discs not only have more storage capacity than traditional DVDs, but they also offer a new level of interactivity. Spray the window cleaner on to a cloth and apply it with the cloth instead of spraying it directly on the DVD. It contains Be sure to read instructions thoroughly before using a commercial DVD cleaner.

Thankfully, we've vetted some of the bigger PS4 problems and found solutions for whatever might ail you. JG Jasmine Garrett Jun 3, When all the toothpaste is washed away, dry the CD or DVD with a soft cloth, wiping from the center to the outer edge.

For tips on how to use toothpaste to clean a DVD, read on! My computer is not reading the CD now. Are you capable and clever, with a strong ability to use all the materials at hand to overcome an obstacle? You will polish the whole disc this way, but specially keep your focus on the area where scratches are located. Typically, these kits contain a small bottle of cleaning solution and an approved cloth.

Home Remedies for Cleaning CDs

Vote for this! To quickly and easily clean a DVD, place the disc label-down on a soft cloth, and spray the disc with isopropyl alcohol. To make sure it is free of any damaging particles, apply it on a plain surface and rub it with your finger to see if it is smooth or has any particles in it. Step 3: