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School Facilities

Budo Kids Karate Class

Budo Karate Class

Budo Dojo

Budo has a Very Nice Space for Training!

Our training hall (or "dojo") is a very special place.
This is where all of the learning happens. Everyone who enters the dojo is asked to show the proper respect to the facility, the art, those who are learning and those who are teaching, as well as other visitors. The facilities are spacious, comfortable and clean, and street shoes are not allowed in the dojo.

Budo Dojo

·  Large Main Training Space (~1800 sq. ft) ·

·  Well Air Conditioned & Heated Year Round ·

·  Comfortable Lobby/Viewing Area ·

·  Firm Yet Padded Floor ·

·  Clean & Well Lit ·

Budo Dojo

The dojo/school space itself is conveniently (centrally) located in a wonderful neighbor just off of I-35W and Stinson Blvd, just north of the U of M & downtown Minneapolis, in an historic, charming 1920s warehouse building, called the "Continental Clay Buiding". It is just across the freeway from "The Quarry" Shopping center with Target, Rainbow, etc. There is easy access from everywhere in the Twin Cities region, and we have students that drive regularly from places as far as Princeton and Hudson.

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Budo Dojo