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Rising Adults (Ages 21-32)

Shuto Block

In many ways this is the ideal age to start training at Budo. Our programs will give you physical, mental, emotional awareness, as well as incomparable conflict resolution skills. In addition to learning skills and abilities that are just plain cool, we will help you get more out of all facets of your life, for your entire life to come.

True Martial Arts training is not for kids!  They do not have the life and learning experience necessary to understand or apply the lessons correctly and efficiently. You, on the other hand, have everything it takes - even if you may be a little apprehensive at this moment.

This is not kids martial arts extended; our program is designed specifically for adults with the focus of improving your body, abilities and life from 21 to 99+. Unlike other schools, our kids program is not our primary focus. In fact, our kids program focuses on getting kids to where you now are - ready to start learning real martial arts and improving your entire adulthood.


Karate Intensity

The physical training starts with individually paced lessons that focus on giving you the ability to control your body to a very high degree. This is a necessary pre-requisite to advanced martial arts, and it allows one's body to adapt to higher level training.

Once you develop precision control your movements, your body and mind are ready to start our advanced martial arts training. This is challenging, but our initial training prepares you for it, and it's well worth the effort. Our style is extremely efficient, varied and for everyone. It incorporates both fast and powerful, and slow and controlled. It allows you full control over your body and the ability to use it in any situation necessary. And, when you're ready, you can augment it with one of the best traditional weapons programs in Minnesota. Our training takes you there regardless of your condition, body structure or abilities coming in.

Adult Karate throw

Along the way, mastery of our art develops many other skills that you will find will help you in many areas of life - from business to family to friends to other areas of personal interest. You will also be part of a community of people similarly striving to get the most out of life; enjoying the now as well as the future. Whether you do it for personal growth, physical conditioning, a release, self-defense, to become a martial arts master or just because it's cool, this is the program for you!

Whether you're single, married, carefree or a new parent, training at Budo gives you physical and mental skills, peace of mind and self-defense abilities that will be a benefit to everything you do and to everyone around you. Young professionals will particularly get a lot out of training.

Whether you know it or not, the decisions you make now greatly affect your entire future. Learning and improving your life should not stop just because you're done with school. Our program provides structured growth and guidance for improving your entire adulthood.


Come see what Budo is about, and why it's not your neighbor's martial arts school!


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