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Additional Weapon Traditions

Although grounded in the traditional Okinawan (kobudo) weapons, the Budo Weapon Arts Program is not limited to these weapons.

Like the head of our style, Master Yamashita, our Head Instructor, Sensei John Dombeck, PhD., possesses a keen interest in a variety of Weapon Arts and traditions.

Therefore, through experience passed on from Master Yamashita, O’Sensei Daniel Schroeder and elsewhere, Budo offers training in a variety of weapon arts with origins other than Okinawa.

These weapons include:
Fist-Load Weapons Flexible Weapons (belt, rope, etc.)
Knives Jo
Balisong (Filipino Butterfly Knife) Katana (Samurai Sword – both Aido and Jigen-Ryu battlefield combat)
Yari (Spear) Naginata (Halbred/Bladed Polearm)

All Weapon Arts (Kobudo) at Budo