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Mature (True) Adults (Age 55-99+)

Mature Karate Ready

These are the years where the training and philosophy at Budo really make the most difference. In many ways the training at younger ages is really to provide the best life experience (for yourself and others in your life) during these years. This is the largest/longest phase of life. Evolution and maturation continues throughout this period.

The training at Budo is designed to enhance and improve your abilities and experiences throughout this long, changing and most important part of life. While physical exercise (walking, sports, tai chi, dance, yoga, etc.) is helpful and gives you more energy, etc., they do not compare with the advantages the can be derived from the training at Budo. The training was developed over centuries by the Okinawan (one of the longest living people groups in the world) specifically for longevity and high quality in these years.

Life is a learning and growing process. These years are when you have the experience to truly understand what life is about. This is also when long-term maintaining and even continued development of your physical and mental abilities become the most important and the most apparent. You have gained wisdom in life, and you want to be able to enjoy and apply that wisdom. It is also important to the community and those you love, as they will continue to benefit from your wisdom.

Marture Karate Interaction

Regardless of your current physical state, training at Budo will improve your future. As one of our students (a Physician who is currently in his mid-60s) states - "Training at Budo, like quitting smoking, is one of the few things that actually has the potential to reverse aging." Not forever, of course, but you look, feel and have the energy, activity level and outlook of a younger person than when you began training. It is designed to adapt and continue to keep improving your life as you continue to age. It is truly an art with physical training that can be practice and is beneficial into the 90s and 100s. We have a long lineage of masters who have done just that, including ones still living. In Okinawa, people in their 50s are called "kids".

The training starts out slowly and individually paced, mainly getting used to your body, feeling it and controlling it. You then learn to use it for whatever purpose you'd like (self-defense is the example activity that is the focus in classes). Unlike tai chi or yoga, etc., which are almost completely soft exercises (that can take you only to your 80s), training at Budo, in addition to the softer internal power, gradually builds up hardness in your body .

This hardness, in combination with flexibility, is what's necessary to protect your body and physical abilities beyond the 80s. It protects from falls and impacts, and keeps power in your body and mind. This hardness comes about as you become more experienced by stiffening your muscles at the end of each movement and eventually through mild, then moderate impact with other students and mild practice falls. This may sound scary at first, but it is done in a highly controlled manner.

This developed hardness gives both tremendous strength and confidence as one ages, allowing you to get the most out of life as long as possible, and share your wisdom and experience with others. It also gives you the ability to focus on enjoying new experiences.

Come see what Budo is about, and why it's not just your neighbor's martial arts school!


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