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Budo - Kids Program Philosophy

Kids Karate Class

At Budo our goal is to have each student have the most fulfilling life experience possible. This, of course, includes our children.

In our society the prevailing view for responsible parents is that, among other things, childhood is a time when you are preparing your child for adulthood when they will be "on their own" and our responsibility as parents ends. Of course, we all know that this isn't true -- love, caring and some level of responsibility for our children continue well into adulthood. Its complexion changes, sometime quickly, sometimes gradually, and become more bi-directional, but it remains.

Kids Karate Outside Block

As parents, we also inherently know (because we are in the middle of it) that becoming an adult is not an "endpoint" of learning, but rather it is a time of continued change, growth and development. This period of life is much longer than childhood, and the learning process during it is much less formally structure and has much more significant consequences. This is even more true because you are often responsible for others' lives in addition to your own. The pursuit of karate-do is semi-formal education for this period of life. It is the goal of our children's karate-do program to provide the tools and lessons necessary for productive and fulfilling childhoods, but also teenage years and, most importantly, adulthoods - in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and hopefully 90s and beyond. This is the primary benefit that exposure to karate-do at Budo has that other activities (or karate schools) do not.

This is the purpose that the program at Budo has been designed around. It will, of course, greatly assist with various things that parents are concerned with today - exercise, discipline, focus, etc., but the true payoffs are much further down the road -- First in better learning ability and better relationships, then ... you see the benefits. All while getting exercise, learning to become better people and to defend themselves, should it become necessary.

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