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Teens (Ages 13-18)

Kids Karate-do Outside

We undertsand your Life and Schedule. Teen life is busy, and you either are over-committed to activities that demand all of if you're attention but likely end at the end of high school, or you're not able to be involved in any activities because of the commitment they demand. Either way we have the program you need. While life is somewhat about school and activities, there should be continuity and balance in life that bridges school life and adult life, that is fun and can enhance your other activities, and helps you learn what you will need to know as you transition to adulthood.

Our program Emphasizes Two Special Teen-Centered Classes each month
(one Wednesday and/or one Sunday early evening per month - see Schedule) in addition to regular classes that fit teen schedules. While teaching martial arts and practical self-defense, these classes focus on the challenges and lessons needed for teens to succeed in and beyond high school, Teen issues - balancing schedules, responsibility, remembering things, handling pressures, being an individual and being part of a group, etc. The boys and girls are taught separately for much of the class (led by successful adult men and women respectively) to focus on challenges and issues students face, what young adults find interesting and will need to know. In addition Teen Students can attend any other classes that will fit there schedule, either in the full program or a special, less expensive (both in time commitment and money) Teen Program (see Programs).


Kids Karate-do Outside

Whether you've never done martial arts or you've out-grown kids' martial arts, if you're looking for a cool way to improve your life, express yourself, and develop some amazing skills, Budo is for you! We're not the typical kid and sport focused karate school, nor are we a testosterone gym. We teach high quality martial arts to people who can understand and appreciate the difference.

Training in our art is great for your body, mind and spirit. It's challenging, but well worth the effort, leading to true understanding, self-confidence and control of your body, interactions with others and your life. Budo training is not for young kids, and it doesn't reward sport oriented high-flash, high-energy playing at martial arts with praise and arrogance. Instead it's ideal for young men and women who want to develop truly effective, high quality skills in a mutual growth oriented environment, where everyone is respected for who they are, the growth they accomplish, and the abilities and understanding that they acquire.


Teen Karate Girl

In addition to these skills being very effective should you ever need to defend yourself, they also will improve your life in many other ways, both now and in the future. At Budo, high school students are treated as young adults, and are trained the same way as adults. And you'll feel like you belong! The training starts with individually paced lessons that focus on giving you the ability to control your body to a very high degree. This is a necessary pre-requisite to advanced martial arts, and it allows one's body to adapt to higher level training.

Teen Karate Boy

If you have trained elsewhere as a child, you will develop a new appreciation of what martial arts can be. If you haven't studied elsewhere, consider yourself fortunate to have started in our program.

Once you develop precision control your movements, your body and mind are ready to start our advanced martial arts training. This is challenging, but our initial training prepares you for it, and it's well worth the effort. Our style is extremely efficient, varied and for everyone. It incorporates both fast and powerful, and slow and controlled. It allows you full control over your body and the ability to use it in any situation necessary. Our training takes you there regardless of your condition, body structure or abilities coming in.

Come see what Budo is about, and why it's not your neighbor's martial arts school! It's rewarding, fun, uplifting, and you can meet some very nice people along the way, because training at Budo doesn't only produce high quality martial artists, it produces high quality people.


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