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What is Budo? - Beyond Martial Arts (continued)

"Do" is an art or pursuit with enough depth that it is about more than the art itself - It's about life.
Studying the art is effectively studying life. Overcoming challenges to improve in the art provides tools to overcome challenges and improve the quality of your life.

Every "Do" art needs a real, physical component. Otherwise it is just theory or religion, not an art to learn about life and reality. "Bu" means "martial". It is the physical testing and learning grounds for our "do" study. The two build on each other. Understanding of "do" allows the student to learn and reach an amazing level in their martial arts skills. For some students, this is the purpose. For others, it is merely a positive side effect. Either way, reaching a higher level in martial arts skills leads to more difficult challenges to overcome and a deeper understanding of "do", and ultimately to a higher level of martial arts and life experiences.

As you can imagine, the study of Budo leads well beyond improvement of character and potential of children. Again - "Beyond Martial Arts - Martial Arts for Life". The main purpose of it is to improve character and life experience throughout all phases of life. This is most importantly and effectively done after the student has had significant experiences in life. That is in adulthood. Only then is a student ready to learn about and improve their life consciously. And the wonderful thing is that no matter how much you learn and improve your life, continuing to study will continue to improve your life even more. Even all the way into your 70's, 80's and 90's if you chose to continue that long, leading to a wonderful experience and appreciation of life. Of course, it also helps people in their 10's (and even younger), 20's and 30's.

Budo is about becoming aware of and improving your life experiences. As long as you are alive, it's a good time to start!

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